$300 All-Inclusive* STD Testing Package Includes:

*Actual services deemed medically necessary by provider

• Medical history and physical examination
• In-office and/or send-out lab testing
• In-office injectable antibiotic treatment

If you’re sexually active, experts recommend getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases/infections (aka STDs or STIs) on a regular basis. Not all STDs have immediate symptoms so it is possible to be infected and not know it. What many people don’t realize is that you’re not limited to specialty clinics or the health department for STD testing. In fact, you can just walk into Velocity Urgent Care for STD testing any time we’re open.

Safe, discreet testing and in-office treatment* for:
• Chlamydia
• Gonorrhea
• Trichomonas
• Syphilis
• Herpes
• Hepatitis B&C

*Due to public health notification requirements, medications required and/or long-term health risks, diagnoses of Syphilis, HIV, and/or Hepatitis B/C may be referred to a specialist for follow-up and ongoing care management.

We Offer:
• Simple self-pay pricing
• One flat price for testing and treatment*
• No appointment necessary
• Open 7-days a week
• Discreet and confidential

Getting tested for STDs at Velocity Urgent Care is professional, respectful and discreet. You can get tested on your schedule, including nights and weekends, and no other patients will know the reason you’ve come in. Your medical provider will first evaluate you for symptoms that may suggest STD infection, which in many cases requires a physical exam (including a pelvic exam for females). Based on your past social and medical history and what the provider finds during his/her examination, we may draw blood, use a swab to collect cells from the affected area, or collect urine to send to the lab for testing. Then, depending on the overall examination and lab results, the provider will devise the best course of treatment and follow-up.

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