Save Time on Your Next Visit with Our New Technology

Velocity Urgent Care strives to get patients in- and out- in 45 minutes or less with our new time saving technology. For your medical needs that cannot wait for a primary care appointment but are not serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit, our Hampton Roads, Northern Virginia and South Boston immediate care facilities are your ideal solution. Velocity Urgent Care treats everything from cold and flu symptoms to sprains and strains while also providing on-site digital x-ray and rapid laboratory capabilities.

Unfortunately, the ebb-and-flow nature of a walk-in clinic means that unexpected delays in treatment can occur. Because we care about your time, we have implemented our new time saving technology, which is patient-friendly to give you more control over your wait. By reserving your spot online and registering on your own terms, your check-in process will go smoothly and swiftly so you can get well faster.

Reserve Your Spot Online

Many restaurants have “call ahead seating” to bypass the wait, so why can’t you likewise reserve your spot in line at the doctor’s office? Now, at Velocity Urgent Care, you can with our new time saving technology. Simply visit our website, www.velocityuc.com, select your location, and hit “Reserve My Spot.” This puts you in line—and starts your wait—from your home, office, school or even your Uber.

Our unique system allows you to reserve your spot from any web-enabled device. We’ll keep you updated via text message as to when we expect the provider to be ready for you. We’ll also let you know if any delays occur. When you arrive, check in at our kiosk and our real-time video display will show exactly where you are in the line.

Online check in does not equal an appointment but it allows you to wait on your terms—keep working, hanging out at home, or running your errands.

Register on Your Terms

Already reserved your spot online? Great! Now you can fill out your registration paperwork using your phone, tablet, or PC before you arrive at our urgent care clinic. We’ve all been there, sitting in the waiting room and getting called back, only to find out that you still need to fill out a clipboard full of information. Since you can now complete registration from the comfort of home, you’ll be in and out of our clinic faster than ever.

With eRegistration—which is also available in our lobby using a tablet we provide—saving time isn’t the only perk. For many patients, eRegistration means assurance that the information entered in their record is complete and accurate. And since your information is connected to our network of electronic medical records, your data will automatically be entered into your chart. When you meet with your provider, he or she will have all your information ready and be able to provide faster, more accurate care.

Velocity Urgent Care Has You Covered

Whether you have a cut, burn, scrape, or a sore throat that won’t go away, we’re here to help. By enabling you to check in and register from the comfort of your own home, we ensure that your visit to Velocity Urgent Care is quick and effective. Think no further the next time you need fast and friendly medical treatment—Velocity Urgent Care has 12 locations including Virginia Beach (3), Norfolk (2), Suffolk, Newport News, Williamsburg, Carrollton, Gloucester, South Boston or Woodbridgeton or Woodbridge.