Holiday Safety Tips for Preventing Common Holiday Injuries

Many consider Holiday to be the official start of the holiday season. With the prospect of delicious turkey and countless side dishes plus an afternoon of football and family reunion, there are plenty of things to love about this holiday.

However, tens of thousands of Americans find themselves seeking urgent medical care each year on Holiday. From grease burns to knife injuries and fractures sustained playing football in the backyard to coming down with a cold, these injuries and illnesses can put a serious damper on your holiday.

Fortunately, you can prevent many common injuries by following a few simple precautions. Take a moment to review these Holiday safety tips before enjoying your delicious holiday meal and gathering with your loved ones.

Common Holiday Injuries to Avoid

No one wants to think about an injury or illness ruining their holiday. Holiday safety is important to consider, though! Being aware of the dangers helps you take steps to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. Some of the most common injuries and illnesses that occur around Holiday include:

  • Burns: Whether you’re frying a turkey outside or cooking several side dishes inside, the risk for burns is greater whenever you’re cooking—especially when you’re in a chaotic environment and might not be paying attention. Holiday has about three times more cooking-related home fires than an average day, so take care around the flames.
  • Knife Injuries: Carving the turkey is the highlight of many Holiday celebrations. But that carving knife can lead to some serious cuts if you aren’t careful.
  • Food Poisoning: Foodborne illness is a major concern. Undercooked turkey or ingredients being contaminated before serving can lead to unpleasant GI symptoms like nausea and diarrhea. Leftovers kept out of the fridge for longer than two hours can also harbor dangerous bacteria and make you sick.
  • Holiday Heart Syndrome: There’s nothing wrong with an alcoholic beverage to celebrate the holiday. However, excess drinking can put a strain on your heart, leading to atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeats that can be life-threatening.
  • Sports Injuries: Many people enjoy getting together and playing a game of touch football in the backyard on Holiday. This can lead to a variety of injuries, including fractures, sprained or strained muscles, and concussions.
  • Cold, Flu, & COVID-19: Any time you’re in a large gathering of people, it’s easier for the germs that cause infections like the cold, flu, or COVID-19 to spread.



Tips for Staying Safe at Holiday

Now that we’ve reviewed the common injuries and illnesses that often happen around the holidays, let’s look at some Holiday safety tips you can put into action. By following these tips, you’ll keep your holiday full of joy and avoid any unwanted setbacks.

1. Stay Aware in the Kitchen

Holiday is synonymous with delicious feasts, but the kitchen is a major source of potential hazards. Stay vigilant when cooking, using caution with sharp utensils, hot surfaces, and open flames. Be sure to keep flammable items away from the stove, and never leave cooking food or hot objects unattended. In case of a grease fire, like those caused when trying to fry a turkey, have a fire extinguisher nearby, and never attempt to extinguish it with water.

2. Warm Up Before Playing Sports

Whether you’re enjoying a casual game of touch football or a more organized sports activity, take the time to warm up your muscles first with some light jogging and stretches. This simple step can help prevent strains, sprains, and other injuries associated with sudden bursts of activity.

3. Keep Alcohol Consumption in Moderation

Holiday celebrations may involve alcohol, and while enjoying a drink is part of the tradition, moderation is key. Excessive alcohol consumption impairs your judgment and coordination, which often leads to accidents. If you’re hosting, encourage responsible drinking, and ensure guests have a way to get home safely without getting behind the wheel.

4. Stop the Spread of Germs

Holiday happens to coincide with flu season, making it crucial to take precautions against the spread of germs. Plus, with COVID-19 cases on the rise again, it’s extremely important to remind guests to wash their hands frequently, especially before touching or eating food. If you or someone else is feeling unwell, encourage them to stay home. Though it’s sad to miss the festivities, doing so is better than getting everyone else sick!Top of Form

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