Holiday season is upon us, ushering in cold and time spent with family. Just as you are planning your family outings and visit to see relatives, your primary care provider might also make holiday arrangements.

While this may not be an issue now, it might result in additional headaches if a member of your family unexpectedly falls ill and you are unable to see your primary provider. So what do you do?

To ER or not to ER

If a family member unexpectedly gets sick, your first reaction might be to go to your local emergency department. While this option is available, it may not be the best. In instances where you do not necessarily have an emergency but should probably see a doctor, an emergency room visit could turn out to be very expensive.

Emergency department visits should be avoided unless it is truly an emergency. If your life is endangered, and you are in desperate need of immediate help, this is the place to go.

However, for your family member who is running a fever, not feeling too well, or maybe caught the flu, going to the emergency room might be unnecessary.

Talk to Your Doctor

Reach out to your doctor and ask if they plan on taking time off during this holiday season. This could be as simple as emailing the main office, or calling your doctor directly. While this may seem tedious, you will ultimately feel better when the holiday season rolls around and you know how to prepare for the upcoming season.

What About Urgent Care?

Urgent cares are here for your convenience, on days when your primary provider may not be available. Consider going to a local urgent care if you or a family member needs attention from a medical professional during a busy season.

Velocity Urgent Care is here to help you on days when your doctor may not be available. We are able to offer continuous care for you and your family, so you don’t have to worry.

If you or a family member is running a fever, has pink eye, or experiencing symptoms of the flu you can avoid an unnecessary trip to the ER by stopping in at Velocity Urgent Care.

Our clinics are open for any immediate, non-emergency needs that you may face over the holiday season, and we are able to send information about your visit to your doctor (with patient consent).

Prepare now for the upcoming holiday season, and don’t let sickness get in the way of having fun with the family.

Velocity Urgent Care provides walk-in, extended hours’ service for most minor medical conditions in the Hampton Roads area, including Carrolton, Gloucester, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Williamsburg. Most insurance plans are accepted, and no appointment is ever needed. Reserve your spot online today!

Our operating hours vary by location. Click here to see a full list of hours. Additionally, our hours will alter slightly during the holiday season. All locations will be open 8am to 4pm on Christmas Eve, New Years’ Eve, and New Years’ Day, and all locations will be closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Days.